What We Use

We have hundreds of different sizes and shapes of punches and dies. This can save time and money if we have the tooling in stock. We also have several hundred forming tooling in stock.

Some of the machinery in our shop:

We Use MasterCam Software

Machinery in our Shop
• CNC Machining up to 20' x 40 x 20" high
• CNC Notching up to 40" x 80" x 10 ga.
• CNC Wire EDM up to 19" x 13" x 11" high
• Shearing up to 48" x 10 ga
• Press Brakes up to 96" x 60 tons
• Saws: Band, Cutoff and Chop
• Lathes up to 16" x 40"
• Tig Welder up to 300 amps
• Mig Welder up to 250 ammps
• Plasma cutter up to 3/4"
• Surface grinding up to 6" x 18"
• Vibrator deburring
• Sandblasting
• 14 4 ton presses

Greenwood Models provides Machining Services too all industries.
Greenwood Models is skilled in all types of Prototyping, EDM, CNC Machining and Welding
Greenwood Models was established in 1973.
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Greenwood Models provides Machining Services too all industries.
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